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[New] Kiss Me Lip Filler Plumping Lip Gloss
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Color: Bali

‚≠źÔłŹ Coverage:¬†Medium



What it is: 

A glitter pigmented lip filler collection presenting an innovative mixture of colors, offering a new possibility to your everyday makeup.

What it does: 

Kiss Me Lip Filler will give you instant volume to the look of your lips with thick down texture sparkling and specially designed glitter pigments. It will offer you a complete look at your colorful makeup journey.

You will experience the unique texture of the lip filler. While it gives a smooth glossy look, the texture will stay on your lips all day long. The pearl particles fill the gaps in between the fine lines of your lips; which will give a volume that does not disappear quickly.

Suggested Usage: 

Before use, exfoliate your lips using cleansing tissues or makeup cotton pad with any lip balm for the best result.

Kiss me lip filler can be used with any other lip products. Put on a SISTAR LIP CRAYON first and apply another layer of KISS ME LIP FILLER on top. This technique will collaborate the strong color of our lip crayon without missing out a voluminous, glossy, sparkling look from Kiss Me Lip Filler.

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