Sistar Cosmetics

Brow Perfecting Pencil
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Color: Charcoal

What it is:

Perfect your brows with Brow Perfecting Pencil.
The tip has a shape of a water drop for both precise, detailed and thick eyebrows.

An extra-slim tip of the [Brow Perfecting Pencil], retractable pencil for precise detailing and creating hair-like strokes.

What it does:
With an extra-slim tip of the [Brow Perfecting Pencil], you will be able to draw detailed, hair-like strokes.

Freely reshape your arches, inner corners, tails as you wish with the drop shaped edge tip. The non-smudge formula let's you have a  fresh, natural-looking brows all day long.

How was it made:
- This product is cruelty free

SISTAR tips!:

- Using the brush tip to organize your brows before applying product will actually show you the angle of a stroke you should draw. 

- Use the pencil side to now fill in and draw your desired brows.


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