Tips on how to maximize the use of our bundled deal products.

Create a perfect eyebrow

1.Eye Brow Bundle 

Our eyebrow pencil is better for a more natural eyebrow look. The micro define pencil will allow you to fill in & define your natural eyebrows quick and easy. On the other hand, our Gel pot liner which can be used for eyes and brows, will give you eyebrow a more defined and polished eyebrow look. The texture is very rich and it is beginner friendly to shape the eyebrows. 

it's U HD concealer

Have you seen a lot of Youtubers using the concealer for the finishing touch of their eyebrows? 

As you know our full coverage concealer can cover up not only dark spots around your eyes but also redness from waxing, plucking or threading and create a more perfect eyebrow line. 

I recommend your eyebrow to use concealer, the top-selling product which is "its u skin perfecting HD concealer" of Sistar Makeup.

The perfect red lip

  1. Red Lip Bundle 

Red lips are one of the most loved trends and best  sellers for centuries now. This year at Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2020 show, they  presented red makeup. Cherry red lipstick, clean and natural skin with bold eyebrows seemed like a must try style for the new trends. 

Sistar cosmetics provides all kinds of sexy red lips including glossy and matte. Check our Metallic Lip Gloss, Matte Lip Stain, Gloss Lip Stain and Lip Liner.

Especially, you can use our Metallic Lip Gloss and Gloss Lip Stain for this year's best makeup trend: bushy eyebrow make-up, glowy make-up.


Long lasting makeup for 24 hours.

  1. Face bundle - 24 hours super-stay makeup


Wouldn’t it be nice for your makeup to look the same from the morning to night? There are so many full coverage foundations that are heavy and thick in the market, but did you know if you use the right tools, you won’t need to pack on foundation on your face in order for it to last long. If you use the primer properly and then put on the foundation, throughout the day you will notice a big difference such as less oily face. 

If you have a date at night after a long day of work or want to wear make up for school.

don’t forget to use our setting spray. It will create a clean and light layer on top to seal and protect your makeup for the night. You can call it makeup coating or makeup bond. 

 Don’t forget to wash your makeup off properly every night. Your skin surely deserves a deep cleansing with our makeup remover to give your face a break and prepare for the next day’s perfect look. 


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