Our mission...

is to create a large and diverse multicultural community of passionate makeup lovers and beauty enthusiasts where all of us can engage together as sisters and become the stars we all aspire and dream to be through the power of beauty.

Our Vision...

To become the world's largest and most-loved beauty collection provider of high quality and affordable natural beauty products. We are committed to give people the confidence to explore their dream and passion, and discover their inner star. 


Our SISTAR community is rapidly growing with over 100,000 beauty enthusiasts who love our products from all over the world. We proudly engage with our SISTAR community through live demonstration of our products where everyone can experience from BeautyCon to trade shows and public events! We are Sisters. We are Stars!



Fabulous Natural Bushy Brow
brow perfecting pencil

Fabulous Natural Bushy Brow

The big, bushy eyebrow trend is still here to stay and making a comeback this Fall (a great look for back to school). Well-groomed and bold brows ...

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Natural Glowing Bronze Beauty
bronze beauty

Natural Glowing Bronze Beauty

Creating a dewy skin will be vital for a glowing bronze healthy look. It's easy for any makeup user to achieve a natural glowy bronzy look by fol...

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