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Protective Filtration Surgical Disposable Mask 5pack

$2.50 $5
  • GOOD QUALITY FILTER MASK - Make of safety medical standard material.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO DUST - When working outside, our face masks filter out allergens that can aggregate airway disease
  • BREATHE WELL - Breathable design allergy mask, 3-ply disposable face mask, you can still carefree breathing. 
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE - They are soft and comfortable ear hook masks, not easy to drop, no need to adjust it when you work
  • GREAT VALUE - Big value face mask, Suitable for people: Cleaner, Builder, Farmer, Doctor, Student, Nurse


  1. Mask should be replaced immediately when damaged or wet. For single use only.
  2. In case of adverse reaction during wearing, discontinue use and seek medical advice.
  3. Not for reuse and not washable.
  4. Store in a dry, clean, and ventilated place. Keep away from fire and flammable materials.

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