Sistar Cosmetics

Tame & Sculpt Perfect Brow Kit


Color 1: Brow Tamer (Wax)

Color 2: Highlight 
Color 3: Medium Brown
Color 4: Deep Brown

Sistar’s Brow Kit adds the finest definition to your brows.
Tame your brows with the wax first, shape, fill in the blanks, then highlight around the edges!
You’ll be a brow master with this all-in-one Brow Kit.

  • It easily makes a steric and delicate application.
  • It can be used as contour and eyeshadow for a full and natural look.
  • Its pureextract leaves the mind clear and refreshed.
  • Ultrafine powder has excellent daubing and patching qualities. 

Define your brows in easy 3 steps.

1. Apply brow wax with spoolie and gently tame your brows in the same direction of the hair growth.
2. Using the angled brush, shape and fill in sparse areas of your brows with darker brow powder (Match with your hair color for natural look) 
3. Highlight the brow bone using the lightest color powder.


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