Bushy Eyebrows - Natural Bushy Brows Makeup Look And Tutorial

The big, bushy eyebrow trend is still here to stay and making a comeback this Fall (a great look for back to school). Well-groomed and bold brows can look fabulous on any face to achieve the natural and mysterious look. Perfecting your desired eyebrow shape will be dependent on the one that suits your facial features. Follow these simple and short steps below to see how you can fill in your brows for thicker and bushier brows.

Step 1:

Use an eyebrow spoolie or comb to brush your eyebrow hair upward and out along the natural shape of the brow. Apply a small amount of wax, gel, or pomade while brushing through the eyebrows to prevent the brows from losing shape.

Step 2:

Use our Brow Perfecting Pencil to fill in the sparse areas of the brow using small hair-like strokes in the direction of your natural hair.

Step 3:

Once you have achieved your desired brow, use wax or gel to brush the hair into place for a Raw, Fabulous and Natural Bushy Brow!


How do I go by getting the big box which contains all different types of the makeup you guys make..

Celina Lane August 10, 2019

Can’t wait to try

Regina knorr July 17, 2019

Can’t wait to try

Regina knorr July 17, 2019

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