Makeup For School - Fresh Makeup Look

Late for school? Looking for a quick and fresh, no-makeup look? Here are a few step-by-step tips to help you achieve a natural, fresh-faced appearance using Sistar Cosmetics.


Step 1:


Create full, natural coverage without adding layers of foundation with BB cushion. Simply press the BB cream for a perfect, clean canvas by beginning with the center of the face and continue outwards. Take a small amount of concealer and dab under the eye area for a brightening effect.

Makeup Artist Tip:

  • Be sure to blend down the neck when color matching your foundation by doing so on the jawline from cheek to neck.
  • Press into the skin in pouncing/bouncing/dabbing motion, never swipe


Step 2:


Tight line your lower and upper lash line with a black or brown eyeliner by filling in tiny gaps between lash hairs and close to their roots. Be sure to line the root of the upper lash for a longer lasting and fuller lash appearance.

We recommend to use Ultimate Define Gel Eyeliner due to its super soft, waterproof, smudge-free, and long lasting features that add subtle definition to your eyes.


Step 3:


To lock the water lines in, reach for either a brown or black eye shadow. Use a small smudging brush to dab the color on top of the eyeliner. Follow by curling your natural lash and applying mascara with our Glam Up Mega Curling Mascara for an instant flake-free volume.

Makeup Artist Tip:

  • Locking dark liners in place can help prevent color bleeding, especially if your eyes tend to get watery.


Step 4:


Use a simple pink lip color for a longer lasting matte look. Use a similar color or our Half Moon Blush Rosy Cheeks to pop a splash of blush and be on your way!

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