Nightly Makeup Removal & Cleansing Routine

Nightly Makeup Removal & Cleansing Routine 

The importance of removing makeup and a nightly cleansing routine

One of the first and most important steps for a skincare routine is to clean your face properly. Everyday our face is exposed to the dust in the air, dead skin cells and oils from within which can cause unexpected breakouts. It is very important to clean your face every night before you go to bed. A proper cleansing routine not only removes the impurities on your skin but will also give your skin a break from a long day. The key is not to focus on washing your face perfectly but instead to prevent your face from being dry while not causing any damage to your skin while cleansing. 

What happens if you forget to properly clean your skin?  

Working late, partying at night or just being tired can cause you to forget to cleanse your face before bed which can lead to skin problems.


1. Skin Trouble

Residue from makeup can block your pores and will not allow your skin to breathe. It can lead to acne or other skin problems. I'm pretty sure you already know about this. What else can happen when you don't clean your face every night?


2. Build-Up of dead skin cells. 

Everyday our skin produces dead skin cells. A proper cleansing routine is helpful in removing your dead skin daily to prevent an uneven skin surface. If you want your makeup to blend in smoothly the next morning, don’t forget to do the cleansing routine the night before. 


3. Skin Aging

Imagine having all the dead skin cells and dust stuck in your pores. It will obviously make the skin tired and age faster. It can directly lead to more wrinkles and develop dark spots in your sensitive area on your face.  


How To Properly Cleanse Your Face

Step 1. Wash your hands

Do you know there are an average of 60,000 germs living on your hands? Basic rule number one is to wash your hands before you wash your face. 



Step 2. Apply makeup remover to cotton pads

The most sensitive part of your face is around your eyes and lips. You need to be more gentle while cleansing these two areas. Don’t rush, and take your time to remove all makeup with the cotton pads saturated in makeup remover.

Sistar’s Tip! 

If you have an oil based cleanser or any lip oils, use it for the sensitive area. Deep cleansing on dark spots is very effective. 



Step 3. Foaming Cleanser and lukewarm water

Now that the makeup remover has removed most of the makeup, the next step should be with a foaming cleanser with low acid. Make enough foam to cover your whole face and gently massage your face making circle around your cheek areas. 



Step 4. Moisturizing ASAP. 

Once you have completed the cleansing process, your skin will feel the dryness quickly and you will need to add the moisture as soon as possible. If you have a face mask sheet, put it on your face for at least 15 minutes and this can provide perfect moisture for the night. Masks types should depend on your skin types. Try different types of mask such as charcoal or snail for extra moisture or Lemon for detoxifying, Avocado for soothing.

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