Back To School Makeup Look - Quick and Simple Brows, Lashes and Glow

It's Back To School month! And what's a better way to start your first day of school than a gorgeous makeup look that is quick and simple for your brows and lashes with a dewy, natural glow to fit your busy schedule? Follow our simple step-by-step Back To School Makeup look and easily become a pro during your last few weeks of summer. Let's go!


Brush your eyebrows into place with our Brow Perfecting Pencil with a color of your choice between Charcoal or Brown. Fill in the sparse areas and make sure to set them in place with a wax or gel.



Prepare your lashes by brushing them. Place the false lash in your desired area of the lid and press into place. Once the lash has dried, apply mascara (optional at this point if not done already) followed by pressing your lashes together or curling them for a flawless blend.

To help with lifting the curls, we recommend our Glam Up Mega Curling Mascara to give your lashes maximum volume and curl. The hourglass shaped brush will hug your lashes to make them appear more dynamic.



Apply a bronzer to your areas of choice for a natural glowing appearance with our Bronze Shade Duo Stick.
Use a simple highlighter to the top of your cheek bones, tip of the nose, above the brows, and the inner corner of the eye (optional).
Spray your face with a setting spray of your choice and go!


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